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Vastu Tips for South Facing House

Vastu Tips for South Facing House

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South Facing House / Home Vastu Is it Good or Bad?
Remedies for South facing House / Home
South facing property or properties are available at affordable prices, why? Because very few people prefer renting or buying a south facing plot, home or offices. This trend is just a myth and there is no truth. In fact, south facing property can bring a huge amount of success if certain vastu shastra rules are followed very carefully.
A true vastu analysis involves understanding the location of the main door, as all directions i.e. north, south, east and west are equally auspicious. We have seen not a few, but large number of homes having south door were fortunate in creating prosperous and peaceful life. Hence locating a door at auspicious block of south zone can be instrumental to claim as a successful house.
1. Plots / House / Homes facing South direction should be designed carefully. South facing House is not always bad. Each direction has a positive and negative zones. Door (entrance) and all important placements should be marked by the vastu expert (checked with magnetic compass).
2. Plots / House / Homes facing South should have construction in such a way that it has more open space towards North and East. Whereas plot having more open space towards the south & west creates imbalance and disharmony.
3. Avoid any slope towards the South direction in such plots. Plot having pond, river, septic tank, Under Ground tanks in wrong directions are serious vastu defects.
4. Make a Higher Boundary at South & West of South facing Plots/House/Homes
5. Raise the level of floor at south west zone of the Plots/House/Homes
6. Provide maximum balconies towards North & East in South facing Plots/House/Homes when planning a construction on such plot
7. Provide roof slope towards the east or north of the building to be constructed
8. Improve a site energy by making a borewell or underground tank (vastu element-water) at north east zone
9. Energize the plot by installing vastu gems under the pyramids of different metals according to the directions
10. Maintain the shape of the house in rectangular or square shape. Plots with irregular shape, extension or cut are highly inauspicious
11. Making your house internally vastu perfect gives the same result as house having entrances at East and North. We have seen many people making a great success in their life having South facing entrance who has oriented their entrance in the positive zone at south.
12. Some vastu shastra remedies or products like Vastu lead energy helix, Vastu copper energy helix, Bhaum yantra, Dakshin Mukhay yantra, Vastu energy crystals can be used to correct vastu dosha of south facing home defects

South facing house may bring some serious problems to the occupants:-

  • Serious Bad Luck
  • Serious illness
  • Bad reputation

Some serious vastu defect in south zone :-

A borewell or underground tank at south

Septic tank at south

Kitchen in the South

Slope towards the south west

Main door towards the south

T junction or Vedhishoola at south

Missing south Zone

Extended south corner

Vastu corrections (remedies) :-

For main door at the south place dakshin mukhay yantra with bhaum yantra above the door

For septic tank, water tank or borewell at south usevastu pyramid strips around the tank to cut off the vastu defect.

For kitchen in the south use red jasper pyramid andvastu shift arrows to avoid health issues.

Missing south zone or slope towards the south can be corrected by installing lead metal helix with lead spiral blocks.

A extended south can be cut off by fixing vastu copper strips under the floor or ceiling

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