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North West Facing House

Vastu Tips for North West Facing House

Vastu Tips for North-West Facing House | Plot | Property

Five important elements of vastu shastra – fire, water, Earth, Wind and Space are mutually related to the four cardinal Directions and four inter-cardinal directions of the compass. Each direction is associated with an element and an area of your life.
Wind element is located in the north west zone. The Air or Vayu is vital for our survival. Our sense of sound, touch and feel are related to Air. All communication, networking energies can be improved if the wind element is has all vastu compliance.

Vastu Tips for North West facing house
1. In North-west plot, the major directions falls in the corner of the site. The strength of such plot is weak compared to regular plot.
2. Make a lower boundary at north east zone of such plot.Lower boundary at north east will help in attracting positive flow of cosmic rays from Ishanya corner.
3. South-west boundary should be the higher in north-west facing properties.The height & size of the boundary wall should be based on size of the house or plot.
4. Leave more open space in the north-east zone of the plot while making a constructions
5. Leave equal space on south-east and north-west zone of the plot while making a home constructions
6. Leave minimum space at south-west zone of the plot while making a constructions. This will improve the vastu strength of the plot.
7. Avoid plot with T junction from the any side.
8. Any T junction at north-west should be treated with the strong vastu remedies. T junction plot or home are highly inauspicious and need a strong vastu remedies, if selected, use vastu partitions, crystal boundary & vastu bricks to rectify the defect. Also avoid plot with veedhi shoola (road ending) at east of south-east, north of north-west, south-of south west and west of south-west.
9. Correct north west zone dosha (defect) by installing a nine or multiple lapis pyramids the border of north-west boundary.
10 Plot facing north-west can make a aroma garden to enhance the wind element properties.
11. Avoid any projection in the plot (Except North east to the extent of 10%)
12. Make sure that vastu plan for house has all internal & external arrangements as per vastu guidelines before making a constructions.
13. Any extension or projection or cut in the north-west corner could impact on business relationship. It may cause enmity with friends & relatives.
14. Enhance counter direction i.e. south-east by installing strong fire element in fire zone. This will improve the energy of north-west
15. Vastu remedies like pyramid, vastu brass helix, wind chimes (wind element), aromatic plants etc. can be big help in enhancing north-west facing properties.
16. A North-West facing properties should have a fire element i.e. kitchen, power station, electric panel etc. should be placed in south-east zone
17. North-west facing properties should have master bed room in the south-west, children bedroom at east, pooja room at north east and bathroom in the west zone of the house

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