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Vastu for Toilet Bathroom

Vastu Shastra Toilet Bathroom Shower

Importance of Bathroom layouts -Vastu Shastra

The basic job of the bathroom is to cleanse our bodies, inside and out, via sink, shower, bathtub and the toilet. While bathroom area an often neglected area in the smaller houses, you can still design them in a way that the energy remains buoyant and your health, wealth and happiness flourish.
Good grooming is important, but there are other aspects of one’s life that also need time and attention.

Start off by making your bathrooms beautiful! You can quickly lift the aura or energy with a fresh coat of paint, new towels, paintings and plants.
Whether it is a new or old home, it is essential that bathroom is kept spotlessly clean and clear of fungus and clutter. There should be windows to open for fresh air.

The true story is that there is no really good placement for a bathroom in Vaastu because ancient vaastu norms were developed before indoor plumbing was invented. However,there are some bathroom locations that are better than others and it is important to know these because your home bathroom can have a very negative effect on the prosperity and health of all who live there.

Modern bathrooms are made with bath area and toilet in a common room. It is advisable to keep a curtain between toilet and bath area. Many people chants mantras or praying god during the bath or immediately afterwards.

Keep the toilet lid down when not in use & also keep the door closed as much as possible.The Toilet pot should be placed in such a way that person using it faces north or south. Facing East or West is not recommended in vaastu .

Warm & vibrant colours in bathroom should be used instead of dark colours. The Store for bathroom accessories should be made on south or west wall. The Mirror in the bathroom should be placed on an elevated position not reflecting toilet pot. Also mirror on North or East wall is fine.

Vastu (vastu) for bathroom and toilet should be carefully planned to avoid any major health issue later