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Vastu Shastra Opinion

Get Vastu Opinion before you Buy a home or office

If you’ve finally found that premises you think you could live or work in, then why not have it assessed according to vastu. Will it bring success ? prosperity? good health? positive vibrations?.. You never know… this is the best time to seek a vastu opinion before signing a papers.

A lot of people know the importance of acquiring a plot, house or business place with good vastu hoping to benefit from its positive effects that can eventually become a “Prosperity Booster”.

Some premises do not carry a good energy and to fix them may cost a lot of time & money. Hence having a vastu analysis before you buy a property is extremely valuable & beneficial.

Send us the map or layout or floor plan to get the opinion on the site. Opinion report will indicate positive and negative placement of the site, strength of the site and recommendation on buying. This report will not include the internal layout, detailed report.
Get quick feedback on property you are buying i.e.home, residence, office, factory, shop, industries, hotels, schools, motels, resorts, shopping complex, malls, plot or villa.

When to seek a vastu opinion?

  1. While buying a New apartment or villa.
  2. Buying a plot for home or factory.
  3. Buying a resale residential or commercial property
  4. Making addition to existing property or buying a neighboring premises.
  5. Buying a sick unit
  6. Buying a old building for redevelopment
  7. Buying a auction property
  8. Buying or acquiring a hotel
  9. Buying a existing hospital
  10. Buying a restaurant
  11. Buying a shop or showroom