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Vastu Shastra for Staff Quaters

Vastu Shastra for Staff Quaters

Vastu Shastra for staff quaters

Corporates and businesses of all kinds are coming to realize that it is to their benefits to provide good facilities and better environment for their employees. This is obviously a benefit for the businesses, but it is also a benefit for the employees as well.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Staff or workers quarters :-

Entrance Direction of staff quarters
Internal Placements of Furniture & Equipments in Staff Quarters
Location of Toilet & Shower Room
Amenities & Recreational facilities to the Staff or workers
Activity Room or community hall
Staff Pantry or Kitchen
Internal & Exterior Colours Selection
Location of the staff quarters
Entrance of each quarter
Location of water body
Location of Septik tank
Recreation zone
Location of Electric Room