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Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen, Kitchen vastu

According to vastu shastra health and prosperity of the family is highly depends upon the kitchen arrangement. More the pleasant, welcoming and efficient your kitchen, more healthier & prosperous you are. If you would like to enhance the power of your kitchen, take a look at the following suggestions for kitchen vastu :-
Fire, an important element of vastu shastra should be placed towards the south east corner of the kitchen.
North west is a second alternate option for the kitchen.
Direction of Gas Stove is very important according to the vastu shastra.
In some duplex houses, there is a bedroom above the kitchen. This is not a good arrangement according to vastu. You should either reposition a bed or the stove. Also check for toilet on the upper level. It should not be located directly on top of the fire.
It is important that your plumbing is working properly. Dripping tap or leaking pipes symbolizes that wealth is being drained from your life.
In kitchen you should use the colours like green, lemon yellow & orange which are very supportive & nourishing colours to the fire. Avoid using black, grey and blue in the kitchen.
Toilet door just opposite to the kitchen is considered unfavorable placement. You can either reposition the door or install an automatic door closer. Vastu remedies like pyramid partition strips, vastu salt, himalayan crystals etc. helps in aligning unbalanced element due to vastu defect.

Case Study :-

A highly qualified lady called Team Vastuplus few months ago for to an Audit of her house, as she was facing a relationship problem since last one year. This problem floated soon after family moved to a new place. A Vastu Analysis of her house revealed that stress in the relationship was just due to the kitchen arrangement. The stove (fire) was just too closed to the water. There was hardly distance of one feet between the fire and water. Sadly she has spent huge amount in the kitchen interior. Both the prime vastu element i.e. fire and water closed to each other were causing family members to have disagreements resulting in to stress. A Simple solution – Vastu partition as a remedy was installed to cut off the clashing energy. A lot of pain in the relationship could have been avoided if they have been alert during the planning of the renovation. Kitchen vastu is very important in any house.

Impact of Bad kitchen Vastu:-

1. Selection of dull or unnatural colours in the kitchen can make you unhappy and less active.
2. Location of kitchen other than South-East direction will result in frequent complaints about the food from the family members
3. Location of kitchen in the North-East corner brings sickness and poverty
4. Location of kitchen in the south-west may invite health issue to the female members of the family
5. Kitchen at the North-West is a neutral location as per vastu, but a Female members will find themselves busy in the kitchen for most of the time.
6. You will have a huge list of problems, if you have a kitchen in the center of your house.
7. Non working or half working stove burner will deprive you from free flow of wealth in your home.
8. Kitchen should never be below or above a Bathroom / toilet
9. There are other thing taken in consideration white analysing a vastu of the kitchen i.e. storage of utensils & food grain, dustbin & broom direction in the kitchen, overhead beam, refrigerator & sink position, water purifier location, windows, micro-wave oven, flooring, entrance of kitchen, taps, cooking direction, kitchen window plant, clocks, storing racks, cylinder, taps, windows etc.