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Vastu Shastra for Industrial Project

Vastu Shastra for Industrial Project

Vastu Shastra for Industrial project

Large industrial projects are like a industrial town where number of different types of industries acquiring a space to build a production units. Such industrial units are well equipped with internal road, water supply, water station, water treatment plant and many more facilities.
While planning such a large industrial town, it is advisable to use principles of vastu from the beginning of the project. Vastu rules are very simple and easy to implement if incorporated at the planning stage.
Such projects are can be completed with a minimum obsctacles, if element of vastu added in the site layout. Project surrounding and site offices can be planned with the simple vastu rules.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for various Industrial town projects :-

Plot planning
Location of the Site office
Offices of the site manager, engineers & staff
Start up suggestions so project can be completed within stipulated time
Main Entrance to the project
Internal road
Surroundings like river, cannel, mountain, hill etc.
Land level
Location of water body
Location of store for spares
Location of store for project material
Location of contractor offices
Display area for the projects
Staff and workers canteen
Vehicle & Machinery zone
Workers quarters
Media room