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Vastu for Office

Vastu Shastra for Offices

Vastu for Offices

Vastu has helped in redefining the new age offices. More and more companies are increasingly accepting the concept of vastu application in their office interiors. Since using vastu Shastra does not disturb the modern look, it has gained a wide acceptance all over world.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Offices (office vastu) :-

Shape of the office
Reception Area Arrangement
Location of power spot
Brahmasthan – Energy center
Location of Business promotion area
Main Entrance (door) of the office
Door location & door view
Location of the Master Cabin, CEO, Manager, Managing Director, Director and any key staff
Place of Financial / Accounts department
Staff placement & orientations
Location & arrangements of the conference room
Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
Colours for interior & exterior of the office
Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
Direction of Pantry, Canteen
Placement of Toilets
Direction of Windows
Location of Higher zone/ Lower zone
Location of Dry zone/ Wet zone
In addition to above consider the following placements for office vastu :- Office gadgets like computer, fax, Server, Printer & Phone, Prayer or pooja or temple place, paintings, display & promotions etc in the office

Office Vastu Tips

While deciding up on any office setup, designing and decorating the office with aesthetic trends is not enough. For the better development in the company and in the success rates the Vastu concepts have to be taken into the picture.To ensure bountiful output, good profit and efficiency in work, many people design their workplace according to Vastu Shastra. Vastu principles for offices marks many factors that should be considered, which include the most appropriate location for the workplace, office exteriors in terms of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception should be located, positioning of various electronic gadgets etc. in office vastu.

Vastu Tips for office vastu

1. The slope of the floors should be towards East, North and North-East. More open space should be left in the East and North side.
2. Building’s height can be equal in all sides; otherwise South and Western sides should not be taller in height as compared to East and North.
3. The seating arrangement of senior executives, including Chairman, general manager and directors, should be done in southern, western and southwestern portions of the office.
4. Administrative and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East, South or South-West keeping the heights of these blocks lower than that of main factory.
5. The accounts department should be located in the southeast direction.
6. A temple (even a small will do) in the North-East corner should be built and maintained neat and clean. No material should be stacked here.
7. The right place for reception counter is northeast portion of the office. The receptionist should sit facing the north or east direction.
8. Conference room should be in the north-west since the direction is best suited for flow of ideas.
9. Toilets in the administrative building or in other parts of factory or mill should be made in South-East or North-West area and if septic tank is to be built for that purpose, it should be built in between North and North-West or between East and South-East.
10. Well, bore well, underground reservoir, sink, pools, swimming pools etc. should be located in North-East or Eastern zone, preferably between Mid-East and North-East.
11. Stair cases should always be provided in South-West part of the building.
12. Overhead water tank may be erected in South-West, South or West. Its height should be more than the height of building in North-East corner.
13. Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trollies or cranes etc, should be on the roads outside or if it is to be inside, they should be parked in South-West zone. Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in North-West, North or East side of buildings. North-East should always be free from parking zones.
14. Lawns with big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides. Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees) can be developed in North-East, North and East also. Here only small plants can be grown.
15. Staff quarters may be built on East without touching East wall, in North, West or South-East. Multi storied flats may be constructed in South zone without touching main factory building.
16. Staff canteen may be placed in South-East.
17. Guard Room should be placed near gates in such an advantageous position so that the guards can see approaching persons, vehicles etc. without any obstruction. North-East direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin. For East facing gate the security office should be on South-East side of gate, and for North facing gate it should be on North-West side.
18. Weigh Bridge or weighing machines may be placed in North-West or Central-East.
19.Heavy plants and machineries should be erected in West, South and South-West zones leaving the North-West and South-East corners. North-East and centre of the building should be avoided for placing heavy machineries.
20.Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools can be placed in Eastern and Northern sides except in North-East, North-West and South-East corners.
Generator, boilers, ovens, oil-fired or electric furnaces, switch gears, capacitors, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in South-East.
Heavy raw materials stores may be placed in South-West, South or West.
21.Semi processed materials can be stocked in South or West sides.
Finished goods stores, packing and forwarding can be in North-West, in East or South-East. North-West is preferable. North-East should always be avoided.
Finished goods stores, packing and forwarding can be in North-West, in East or South-East. North-West is preferable. North-East should always be avoided.