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Vastu for Metro Rail Project

Vastu for Metro Rail Project

Vastu Shastra for Metro Rail project

Metro are gaining popularity.For cities having a heavy traffic has a simple way to get many buses or private vehicles out of congestion by traveling in the metro instead of sitting in rush-hour traffic.
Keeping in view of growing popularity and demand for the metro rail, many new project all over the world are under the construction. Metro rails are environment friendly, cheaper and convenient way for the modern society.
Usually Such huge projects are awarded to developers on the basis of competitive bidding.
Metro projects are can be completed with a minimum obsctacles, if element of vastu added in the site layout. Project surrounding and site offices can be planned with vastu guidance.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for various Metro projects :-

Location of the Site office, entrances, placement of managers, engineers and staff
Start up suggestions so project can be completed within stipulated time
Location of Shed for Trains
Location of water body during project
Location of store for spares
Location of store for project material
Location of contractor窶冱 offices
Display area for the projects
Staff and workers canteen
Vehicle & Machinery zone
Workers quarters
Media room
Location of transformer/power station for project