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Vastu for Hospital

Vastu Shastra for Hospital

Every hospital has different specialities that must be considered while designing a layout as per vastu shastra. Hospital should be designed in such a way that it has a blend of natural element i.e. water feature, natural lighting, landscaping with beautiful plantation, healing paintings etc. “Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients” – according to researchers at Kansas State University.

Benefits of Positive Vastu for Hospital:-

Quick recovery time of Patients
Good reputation
Positive Environment
Harmony at hospitals

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Hospital (hospital vastu) :-

Surrounding of the hospital
Shape of the hospital
Entrance to the hospital
Waiting area
Consulting room location
Patient room and the sleeping direction
Operation theatre location
Doctor’s rest room
Medical rooom
Meditation Room
ICCU area
Administrative Office
Doctor’s res room
Electric panel & A C Room