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Vastu Directions

Importance of Vastu Directions – East, West, North, South

Vastu Directions-
North Direction – Uttar disha – उत्तर दिशा – उदीची Udichi
South Direction – Dakshin – दक्षिण दिशा – अवाचि Avachi
East Direction – Poorva – Poorab – Purva- पूर्व – पूरब – प्राची Prachi
West Direction – Paschim – pacchim – पश्चिम – पच्छिम दिशा – प्रतीची Pratichi
North-East Direction – Ishanya – ईशान
South-East Direction – Agneya – अग्नि
South-West Direction – Nairutya – नैऋत्य
North-West Direction – Vayavya – वायु
ऊर्ध्व Urdhwa – Aakash – Skywards
अधरस्त Adharastha – Patal – Downwards
Northward shift of sun (Uttarayan)
Southward is (Dakshinayan).

Five important elements of vastu shastra – fire, water, Earth, Wind and Space are mutually related to the four cardinal Directions and four inter-cardinal directions of the compass. Each direction is associated with an element and an area of your life.


A tranquility zone i.e north east corner is highly charged with divine energy. This is the direction from which the cosmic, divine, godly, spiritual, intellectual, intuitive and knowledgeable energies enter to the home or business premises. It must be kept more open, light weight , clear and spacious around the home, inside the home and even in the every room. What applies to the macrocosm, applies to the microcosm.
Missing north east corner or polluted due to the location of toilet falls under serious vastu defect.


Direction that lies midway between the east and the south is known as Agneya (south-east). Agni (fire) is the lord of this direction. He is the preserver and defender of every being. Agni also carries the message of people who worship and offer oblations with devotion to God. Worshippers of Agni are economically strong and long living. kitchen of the house should occupy a place in this direction.
Vastu defect in the south east corner may cause financial worries, quarrel, litigation & , illness depending upon the type of fault.


According to Vaastu Shastra, South is the direction of Lord Yama or “Yamaraja” who is the God of death. Be careful while planning a constructions having door towards the south. It should be noted that south facing south are not always bad but surely it requires careful planning.
Defect in the south zone may cause illness or short life.


The South-West (Nairutya) corner is said to be occupied by goddess nairuti . Vastu defect in this corner may lead to illness, short life, unwanted expenses and a loss due to theft.
Avoid main door, cut or extention at south west corner.


North is a direction for Lord Kubera –god of wealth and success. He is said to have performed austerities for a thousand years, in reward for which Brahma, the Creator, gave him immortality and made him god of wealth, guardian of all the treasures of the earth, which he was to give out to whom they were destined. Keeping your money and valuables in this zone means a blessing from Lord Kubera.
Blockage at north, Heavy structure or clutter in this zone may result in financial loss


According to vastu , sun is the prime energy force we experience. Ultimately the earth’s relationship to the sun gives life to the plant foods we eat, creates our rhythm of night and day, as well as the seasons.
This direction is the victory door and bestows name, fame, success in the life.
Missing window or door at east or any other defect at the east zone could impact prosperity.


The Brahmasthan, a space central to any premises is the most calm and cosmically connected place. The Brahmasthan is the heart the house, and it should always be left open and free of obstructing objects.
While designing the house or office , do not put pillars, staircase, toilets, kitchen or any heavy objects at the center. These are very serious vastu defects and cause damage to health and finance.


It lies mid way between the north and the west. Vayu (pavan-wind) is the lord of this direction. This direction is capable of making person either rich or poor as per the arrangement & use of the premises.
Missing or defect in the north-west corner could impact relationship, friendship & business net working.


Lord varuna, lord of seas rules the western direction. Proper vastu arrangements in the west leads to reputation, fame & success in the life.