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Vastu Articles

Vastu Shastra Articles

Crucial Corner, Importance of North East Corner
Analysing shades-significance of colours
A balanced approach, Environment & Landscaping
Clean it up, Space clearing/purification
Natural surrounding, vastu for farm house
An Ideal home-Vastu guidelines
Shades & effects-colours appropriate for each room
Build house naturally-use of natural material
The Solid impact of liquid
Strike a balance-Bed room arrangement as per Vastu
Shower power-Bathroom layout
Green Rules-Importance of trees and plants in vastu
Seeking solutions-When to consult for vastu
Whats Cooking ? Vastu Rules for Kitchen
Home entrance exam-Importance of Main Door
Food for thought-Dining table-Importance of dining as per Vastu
Positive Benefits-Benefits of Vastu
Simple solutions-Door obstacles
Kids Zone-Vastu for children room
Do not play with Fire-Importance of fire element
Temple-Pooja Room-Meditation zone-Traquility Zone
Planned to perfection-Buy perfect property
An office at home-working from home
Do not harm-No demolition
Gate way to good fortune
Decor directives
Window-Eyes of your house
Ready to sale-selling house at speed
Vastu for house hunting-How to select a new Premises
8 ways to improve child
Create a healthy home ambience
Balance the elements to create positivity
Redevelopment, best option to overcome housing deficit
Vastu shastra for recession